Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is a hands on, power energy therapy that gets the “issues out of your tissues”! In each of our IET® certification training class, you will be attuned to a powerful violet angelic energy ray that activates your 12-strand Spiritual DNA. You will learn how each primary human emotion is correlated to a specific physical region of the body, as well as how to use the IET® integration power points to clear them. No prior energy therapy experience needed. You can be an “energy intuitive”, and through these IET® classes you will learn to feel and interpret energy flow, clear energy patterns for yourself and others, and unlock your soul’s purpose! You can perform a full session after completion of the Basic Training Class.

While doing the “Heartlink” that you will learn in Basic Training Class, it helps you to balance and energize your chakra and aura within minutes!

Basic Training Class (1 day)

You will receive your attunement to the Basic IET® energy ray that will activate the physical and emotional DNA and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks. You will learn the location and use of the IET® energy integration power points. You will also learn to establish the Angelic Heartlink, and receive ten fold the love that you send to angels.

Fee: HK$1,600

Intermediate Training Class (1 day)

You will receive an Intermediate Attunement which expands, realigns and restructures the mental and karmic DNA. You will also learn to turn your hands into “energy magnets” to feel, interpret and clear physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy imprints from the human energy field.

Fee: HK$1,800


Advanced Training Class (1 day)

This class is focused on helping you live your soul’s mission and make your dreams a reality. You will learn about the 4 E’s of living your soul’s mission and release muscle tension. You will also establish Heartbeam links to help heal the Earth and people who pass through your Heartbeams.

Fee: HK$1,800

IET for Kids (3 hours)

Participants: children ages from 7 to 12

Let your children in touch with energy and angels.

– No advance experience needed
– Learn to heartlink with the Angels
– Receive IET Basic Level Energy Attunement
– Learn how to focus angelic energy to wash their energy field
– Draw pictures of your special angel
– Learn to make and use pendulums

Fee: HK$360 (with certificate and IET for Kids Level Guide)

If parents are joining the class, there is an additional fee of HK$180 per person. However, the parents will not receive the IET basic level attunement and the guide, and will not be watching the IET attunement process.

Please contact us for schedule.