DNA is the core element of who you are both physically and spiritually. If there is a place you identify where the Higher Self lives, it is in the DNA. Your whole story which is imprinted in your Akashic Record is in the DNA. All the gifts you had (talents and abilities) you ever had is imprinted into your DNA. All the actions you ever took and all the choices you ever made – the energy of that is in your DNA. The spiritual history of the human race and your essence as a part of the grand universe is also imprinted in your DNA. It carries your spiritual blueprint and all the spiritual journeys you ever took on the incarnational cycle. The knowing and understanding of your DNA is the knowing of your Creation, your Higher Self and your spiritual lineage. With in your consciousness there is the ability to talk to your DNA, to control and work with it and to become part of it. When you give instructions to your DNA and it starts to respond, you will awaken to your multidimensionality which is your true essence. A quantum consciousness creates a system of knowings. When you activate your DNA, you also have the capacity to extend your life span, the ability to understand and read your akashic record. DNA activation means, increased information to the DNA and to return to a more multidimensional state. Quantum consciousness is one that is ONE with everything. With in the new age, you are slowly bringing back an original energy which was designed for today. It is time to return to the quantum state which is the spiritual state that your forefathers gave you long long time ago (more than 100,000 years).

Process of activating the DNA:

DNA activation is done on an individual basis where by the facilitator places a special initiation stone on 12 specific points in the body while doing individual tones for each layers. This placement of the stone is done for 3 minutes on each specific points. While placing the initiation stone, combined with the sound vibration of the tones, specific energy is transmitted to activate the quantum DNA (all the layers – 1 to 12). After the transmission of the energy, recepient is suggested to stay in stillness for a minimum period of 20 minutes.

Benefits of activating the Quantum DNA (immediate benefits)

  1. Visions
  2. Dreams – more clear and clarity in dreams
  3. Clarity of Mind
  4. Feeling of Expansion
  5. Feeling of Well Being
  6. More Confidence

In 6 months time, you may notice the following:

  1. More trusting of oneself
  2. Feeling of Belonging
  3. Feeling Connected
  4. Some may have healings
  5. Karmic energy can be disbursed
  6. Perceptions and Values can change
  7. Feeling of I Am Somebody
  8. Feeling of I Belong to the Universe
  9. Gifts and talents opening up
  10. More clear intuition, inspiration and synchronicity

DNA Activation Workshop

It covers:

  • Breathing and Toning
  • Explanation on the new consciousness
  • Pineal Gland Activation – Meditation
  • finger exercises to generate energy
  • Heart Accordian meditation.  What are you willing to explore to release?
  • Channeling for the group / brief private channeling for each participant
  • Pranic Tube Opening
  • Sounds to raise vibration and opening the three fold flame of the heart
  • DNA Mudras
  • DNA Symbols
  • DNA Activation
  • DNA sounds – practice – toning
  • DNA Mudras practice

Date and time: 9 and 10 January 2016  10am – 5pm Fee: HK$4,800 (Early bird Price: HK$4,400 if enrol on or before 15 Nov 2014)

DNA Activation Facilitator Certification Course

This is a program specifically for people who are interested in becoming DNA activation facilitator.

In addition to the DNA Activation Workshop, participants have to attend the third day of training. During the day, in the first two hours, we will explore the philosophy behind the DNA activation and its importance in this new consciousness. We will also go through in detail the sounds used to activate the DNA sounds and the meaning behind each sounds.  We will also touch on the DNA symbols and the DNA mudras which are all support system to maintain one’s energy field once the DNA is activated.
The balance of the day is used for practicing, and instruction will check and ensure participants are getting the tone and sounds correct. Those who successfully complete the Facilitator Certification, and be able to perform the DNA activation based on this protocol to clients.
Date and time: 9 to 11 January 2016  10am – 5pm (first two days are DNA Activation Workshop)
Fee: HK$8,800 (Early bird Price: HK$8,000 if enrol on or before 15 Nov 2015)
Enrolment : please click here.