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By: Alana Fairchild

Love arouses the heart into yearning. It wants to be the lover of the divine and of life itself.
It craves the adventure of love. Truly beautiful art, moving poetry and inspired guidance take you on that voyage within,
to free the heart into its passionate fulfilment, to take the journey of love.
Featuring 70 illuminating paintings by visionary artist, Rassouli, the cards in Journey of Love are bursting
with vibrant hues and stunning mystical depictions of feminine and natural beauty that help you connect deeply with
the love that is at the very heart of everything in existence.
Inspired by these powerful images and Richard Cohn's exquisite poetic verses which accompany each artwork,
Alana Fairchild offers a profound message of guidance for each card, designed to assist you to find your authentic path
through the opportunities for growth presented to you in all aspects of life, especially in your relationships,
not only with others, but in your sacred relationship with yourself.
Ask the oracle whatever it is you yearn most deeply to know and then allow yourself to be carried on a journey through
the mists of time, moved by the beauty of these inspiring words and images to a sacred space within where your
answers await…
70 cards & 164-page guidebook packaged in a hardcover boxed set