Temple of Seven Rays 七道光能量提升課程

Temple of the Seven ray is an energy system for Spiritual Evolvement and enables one to do healing on Self and Others. There are Seven levels within this healing System and each level of energy can be accessed at any time on ourselves or others just by thought. This is not a course that you need Visualization, Complex or multiple symbols, etc in order to utilize the energy at any given time. This is indeed a Transformational Healing course that work with all seven planes of reality such as the Physical , Emotional, Mental, Buddhic, and Atmic, etc. Each Level of initiations will allow and upgrades oneself for working through these seven planes.

For all those who had learnt various healing modalities shall benefit from this beautiful system since you are now able to control the energy level for each system and much more. People with dysfunctional personality pattern and blocked energy will greatly benefit by receiving Chakra Release hands on healing, it is also possible to perform this healing on others too. There are more Healing sessions that can be created via this workshop and not forgetting numerous autonomous initiations given to further evolve and heighten our overall healing abilities!

This system has seven levels, and this is an intensive class and included all seven levels of initiations.

Energy Exchange: HK$5,555
Date: 21 and 22 Nov 2017 10am – 7pm (2017)
Teacher: Trishula Bearer
Enrolment: Please fill in the application form below. Please pay HK$1,000 deposit at the time of enrolment and pay the balance by 15 Mar. Please send us the receipt by email. In case we do not have the minimum number of enrollment and class is not launched, paid deposit will be fully refunded.

Temple of Seven Rays 不但是一個能量系統,讓你療癒自己和他人,同時它協助你精神演化。這個治療系統有七個級別,你可以在任何時候,利用意念進入任何一個級別的能量。在任何時候,你並不需要用心靈視像,複雜或多個符號等等,去運用此能量。此是一個轉化癒合的課程,它會在你意識的七個層面如身體、情緒、精神、 布廸克層 、阿特密層等等。每個級別的啟動儀式將允許並讓自己進升通過七個層面。

對於曾學習各種治療系統的你,你現在亦能從這個美麗的能量系統有所獲益,你能夠控制不同的能量水平。對於那些有個人不和諧模式和能量阻塞的學員,亦會因為獲得釋放脈輪的療癒而受益,同時,亦可能對其他人採用此療癒方法。你可以利用這個工作坊內的技術發展更多的治療,還有,別忘記這個工作坊包含了一些啟動 (initiations) ,它們可自動提升我們的整體的癒合能力及演化!


老師:Trishula Bearer