Voyager Tarot with James Wanless – April 2018


Meet James Wanless in Hong Kong in April 2018!

Voyager Reader Workshop 11-12 April, 2018 (Wed, Thurs)

Voyager Coach Workshop 14-15 April, 2018 (Sat,Sun)

Voyager Master Workshop 17-19 April, 2018 (Tues – Thurs)

Join Voyager Basic Workshop to prepare yourself for James’s workshops!

The Voyager Tarot workshops are the voyage of life, a mythic and real-time, real-life progressive journey of personal growth and adventure. This process of self-reflection and action through symbols is the pursuit of life mastery.

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Voyager Tarot Reader Workshop

Date: Two days – total 11 hours.

Target participants: anyone who would like to advance themselves or want a breakthrough in their life, interested in learning tarot, want to enhance their intuition, spiritual workers and who are interested in Voyager Tarot. This will allow you to be eligible to join the Advanced and Coach Workshops led by Dr. James Wanless.

Workshop description: To know your own archetype and the relationship between you and Tarot, what is the meaning behind each tarot card and relationship between you and the cards, learn how to apply symbols of all kinds to guide, inspire and experience your own life-transformation. After understanding each of the Voyager Tarot cards, more Spread will be taught during the Advanced workshop, and the application to different aspect in daily life. You will also learn how to search for the important guiding messages. Upon completion of the Reader workshop, participants can choose to submit case study, and receive certification as Voyager Reader from Voyager Training Institute.

Instructor: Dr. James Wanless

Date and time: 11 & 12 April 2018 (Wed and Thurs) 10:00 – 17:00

Fee: HK$3,500 (early bird: HK$2,950) (Voyager Tarot is not included*) [Enrol]

Venue: 16/F Jing Long Commercial Building, 52 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Voyager Coach Workshop

Date and time: 14 & 15 April 2018 (Sat & Sun) 10:00 – 17:30

Target participants: Those who completed Reader workshops and want to be a life coach for oneself and others by constructing the life roadmap and to achieve goals.

Instructor: Dr. James Wanless

Fee:   HK$5,000 (early bird: HK$4,600) (Voyager Tarot is not included*) [Enrol]

Enrol in Basic, Advanced and Coach workshops together, you will be eligible for a further fee discount of HK$1,000.

Venue: To be confirmed.

Limited seats! Enrol now!

* Voyager Tarot deck is available to purchase at Radiant Love Center, and you could include your order when you submit the workshops application.

* Workshop contents may vary, depending on the progress of the workshops.

About James Wanless

Enquiry and application: Please complete the form and read the terms and the condition, and email the bank-in slip to Please specify in the subject “Voyager Tarot workshops”. For enquiries, please call 2838 2988 or click here.

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